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Welcome to The Working Area!

San Diego's Best Web Development Team for Small Businesses!

wur-king air-ee-a
1. (noun) A location or portion of a location in which a worker provides a service or creates a product.
2. (adjective) A site that operates efficiently and as designed.

Our definition is our mission statement. At the Working Area we strive to provide superior service, create dynamic websites, and have those sites work efficiently, as designed.

The Working Area is an independent web design company that specializes in small businesses, community groups, and non-profit organizations. If you are looking for someone to design and/or host your website that understands the needs and the financial constraints of a smaller organization, we are the solution you need. We have several years of experience designing and maintaining websites that are easy for users to navigate, visually inviting, and information packed.

The Troop 384 Boy Scout website below will give you an idea of some of our work. This site was built at no cost to the troop and has been maintained by The Working Area for four years providing continual updates and adding new dynamic sections for the boys. In addition to the site below, we have also created a fully interactive social media site for school children called the Classroom Wall. Students are able to post comments, upload photos, comment on friend's pages and collaborate on projects and homework. What makes this site unique is that only the teacher has the ability to set up accounts and all updates, photos, and comments are immediately shared with the teacher when posted. Parents and school officials have a 'view only' account as well. Additionally, all children's names are encrypted and all personal information (like location data) is removed from photos. These safeguards help to protect children from cyber-bullying, identity thieves, online stalkers, and pedophiles.

We have also created an online photo directory for the San Diego Harley Owners Group. New members can use this directory to get acquainted with existing members. It even has a search by "type of motorcycle" option so if you know what style of motorcycle a person rides but can't remember that person's name, you can search by bike rather than person! Our clients were very excited with this option.

Santee Troop 384 Boy Scouts